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DONALD R. GREENSPAN Certified Public Accountant
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This website is mainly about you. But just in case you are curious about the road that led me here, the story goes like this ...

In 1976, I was hired by the Texas Education Agency as a computer programmer. During a seminar, I first learned about laser printers. At the time, such printers sold for over $200,000. Around 1998, they finally became affordable, and I became a do-it-yourself printer.

A couple years later, I was recruited as desktop publisher for a book my wife was editing for the State Bar of Texas, the Handbook of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The project entailed designing and producing a 426-page book, including a logo for the cover. With the help of our talented children, Greenspan Graphics was born.

In 1996, my 12-year-old son asked, "Guess what we did in school today? We designed a website." Then he taught me how to design one myself. I learned to program in HTML. Thanks for the lesson!

Greenspancpaaustin.com was produced on Notepad++.

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